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Life After Debt’s debt solutions have helped many Australians coping with debt to get out of debt and reach financial freedom with a debt free life. Here are just some of our testimonials from happy clients :

Thank you for your trust, patience, kindness and time spent with me. I will never forget how you helped me.

Mrs E.L., Highgate, WA.

For the first time in a long time I don’t feel the stress of where I am going to find the money to pay the next bill.  (Australian Financial Solutions) Life After Debt ® made this possible by combining all our debts and the team gave us the advice we needed to make life easier. We had been struggling with our payments for a long time and we couldn’t see any way out except selling our home or filing for bankruptcy.  Life After Debt ® tailor-made a plan that suited our family; without their help we would not be able to have the life we do today.

Mr and Mrs O, Springfield, QLD

Extremely good service, the whole process and our options were explained really well and we have no hesitation in recommending your firm … in fact we already have several times!

Mr and Mrs H, Marangaroo, WA.

I would just like to comment on a company that treats you as a real person and not a dollar figure. Unfortunately we got ourselves into financial troubles and really had no one to turn to for help. I starting seeing all these debt free ads on TV so I looked up my own debt free company and came upon Australian Financial Solutions – LifeafterDebt.com.au. It was the BEST thing that I ever did. After the nervous first call was over and I had told them my financial situation, I was not judged or frowned upon; straight away I was looked at as someone that needed help and compassion. I felt as though I had known them for ages. I think that sort of compassion makes you feel so much more comfortable talking about your troubles.

I would recommend Australian Financial Solutions – LifeafterDebt.com.au to anyone that needs financial help. You walk away with a new friend, not just being a new client.

Mr & Mrs M, Oakhurst NSW.

Without Australian Financial Solutions – LifeafterDebt.com.au I would never have had a second chance to fix my financial issues. They provided me with a plan that suited me and my budget which helped me get back on my feet quicker. Understanding and friendly staff made this difficult situation much easier. The biggest of thank-yous … Without your help I would not be in a better situation.

Miss K.D., Labrador QLD

I would like to thank you for your concern and especially (the staff), very helpful, kind and understanding with our circumstances, (the staff) really deserve the highest of praise

Mr C of Joondalup, W.A.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and assistance with my finances. You took my personal situation into account and really have decreased the stress in my life from worrying about financial issues. I wish you all the best for your future as you have helped me to create a stress-free and enjoyable future for me and my two sons. THANK YOU.

Ms M of Rockingham, WA.

Can't even begin to say how thankful I am. Really appreciate you guys looking after me and being welcomed without being judged. This will definitely help me set up a better future for my family.

Mr N - Geraldton, WA

I sincerely love the support, direction and guidance in paving a way forward, where at times it felt like there were no options. This has unlocked our life and future, I would strongly advise anyone considering this to at least have a conversation to find out what choices they have available to them.

Mr and Mrs G from Docklands, VIC

After wasting 3 months being messed around  by a so-called “major company”, it was such a relief to meet with Life after Debt. I was given accurate information from the outset and the communication and follow up has been outstanding. Thanks to them I have had a huge amount of stress removed from my life and know exactly where I am. I absolutely recommend them without hesitation.

Mrs C from Pearsall, WA

Penny from Life after Debt is amazing! When I rang looking for some assistance with getting my financials sorted but I never expected to actually get anywhere and so quickly at that. It was such a stressful time and Penny delve right in and worked with me to get a plan together to get me back on track! I highly recommend Life after Debt, I can finally see an end to my debt and cannot thank Penny enough for helping me to do that

Ms L from Kewdale, WA

Thank you so much for all your help! You have been absolutely incredible and I couldn’t praise you enough!

Ms G from Ballarat North, VIC.

Thanks Kerry and Penny for all you have done. It's been great having such personal service throughout our time of need. We would still be stuck right back where we were five years ago if it weren't for you and your company. So thank you!

Mrs H, Aveley, WA

Honestly 5 star! Such a great service to offer people who are struggling and in debt and have no idea how to get out of it...such a relief once we signed up and got going with them. Penny and the team were always SO helpful, professional, understanding and kind. Definitely recommend...it changed our lives. Thank you...

Mr & Mrs B from Thornlie, WA.

The process at Life After Debt was handled with dignity and respect. The staff were caring and understanding of my difficult situation. Without their help I shudder to think where I would have ended up. If anyone is in a similar position with massive debt problems then I would strongly encourage them to reach out to Life After Debt and let them get your financial life back.

Mr M from Perth, WA.

I was in deep financial trouble with creditors calling me non-stop before I had dealings with Life After Debt. They came out to my house and explained the whole process to me - and were really friendly and helpful. They supported me whilst I went through some tough financial times (being made redundant) I would 100% recommend Life After Debt to anyone. _ thank you so much! I'm so glad to be debt free again :)

Ms S from Perth, WA.

Thank you to Penny and the folks at Life After Debt. They have been really helpful and understanding of my ever changing situation financially. They kept me informed about what was happening with everything to do with my case and were really helpful when that little bit extra attention was required. Thanks again to everyone. Highly recommend their services.

Ms C from Bungendore, NSW.

Life After Debt saved me big time. Unfortunately due to a separation I was left with a ridiculous amount of debt I could not repay myself. From the moment I contacted life after debt they were so helpful. They are always quick to respond when you have a query; now I have repaid my debt in under 5 years and can now live my life debt free again! I work in finance and my own employer couldn’t help me but Life After Debt did. Thank you!

Ms S from Point Frederick, NSW.

My debt was overwhelming my life and my health. After a failed marriage, that I ended up out of pocket, and a business that I could no longer manage. The bank wouldn't help me, in fact, were almost aggressive. I didn't know what else to do until I saw an ad for Life After Debt.
I'm now at the end of my five years debt agreement that they organised for me. Through times of ups and downs they've supported me throughout.
I shudder to think what would have happened to me if I hadn't gone to them for help. I've learned a lot of lessons and now I'm able to manage without those evil loans and credit cards! I couldn't recommend Life After Debt more. Thanks to all the team there!

Ms J from Waroona, WA.