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Informal Debt Agreement

An informal debt agreement is a means to restructure your debts by varying the contract, term and payments Creditors will accept if you have experienced an unexpected, significant and permanent change to your circumstances which has resulted in you being unable to manage your current liabilities.

For an informal debt arrangement, our team at Life After Debt ® can assess whether this is an appropriate option for you.  If suitable, our team can negotiate with your creditors to change the terms upon which your debts will be repaid. We will discuss on your behalf how and when you will make your repayments – in other words, we will seek to lower the monthly payment and/or buy you more time.

Debt restructuring

As an informal debt agreement requires approval from all of your creditors, they can sometimes be difficult to achieve.  We must stress that our team will assess and decide whether an Informal Agreement is right for you, on a a case-by-case basis.  Prior to negotiations commencing, all out-of-pocket and upfront costs will be explained.

Life After Debt ®  are expert negotiators with decades of experience dealing with banks and financial companies.  One of the main positives of undertaking an informal debt arrangement is that it not only helps you to avoid bankruptcy, but it also takes away the stress and anxiety associated with your debt. To determine whether this is the best solution for you, contact us now for your free financial consultation.

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