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Informal Arrangement

Lesley has been made redundant from her job and has fallen behind in repayments following a period of no income because she was not working.

In the past, her repayment history has been exemplary and it is only due to these unfortunate turn of events which has lead to the current lapse and she is now receiving reminders from her creditors which she finds very distressing.

Lesley: Overview of current position

Home Mortgage 90,000 700
Home Improvement Loan 15,000 320
Total: $105,000 $1020


Lesley had found a new job and now works part time at a florist.

Life After Debt ® Solution

Lesley contacted Life After Debt ®. Following a simple telephone call, one of our debt analysts was able to assess her position and put her in touch with the appropriate people who helped her in negotiating an informal agreement. This manageable payment arrangement with creditors allowed Lesley to repay her debt without declaring herself bankrupt.

This gave her the necessary time to get her affairs back in order and she is now back on track to reducing her debt.

Contact us now at  Life After Debt ® on 1300 237 669 to discuss personal debt arrangements to suit you and take the next step on the path to your financial freedom.

(this case study is an example only and is not an account of an actual case)