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  • No new lending involved
  • Poor credit history is not a factor
  • Stop the demand calls
  • One repayment - based on what YOU can afford!
  • Freeze interest on all current unsecured debts
  • Legal protection from Creditors and Collection agents
  • No judgement; just honest and empathetic debt advice
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Debt Help, Relief & Financial Solutions in Perth and Australia Wide

Congratulations on having the guts to face your debts head-on. Life After Debt® is based in Perth WA and with a support office in Sydney we have Australia covered for debt solutions that will help you avoid Bankruptcy.

Our team can provide expert financial guidance and support to assist you every step of the way to bring the debt relief you’ve been dreaming of. We offer personalised debt management help where the focus is on what is affordable for you.

Our initial debt consultation is free and confidential. Get debt help and financial guidance today.

We will look at your current debt situation and assess a practical, affordable and achievable debt solution to suit you and provide expert advice, whilst still letting you enjoy life. We’ll tailor a financial solution to combine unmanageable unsecured debt into one repayment based upon your income and budget.

There is no judgement on our clients; many people feel ashamed that their debts have gotten the better of them. There is no need! Quite often, circumstances are to blame, and it is no fault of their own. At Life After Debt ® Australia, you will find a sympathetic and understanding team, who will talk you through your debt relief options.

We do not lend money. 

 In fact if we you have not already exhausted your eligibility to consolidate your debt into a manageable new loan we will likely re-direct you to do so! Our service is aimed at once this is no longer possible and to specifically look at debt solutions that do not include new loans.   

Our clients in Perth and throughout Australia are quite often facing a variety of life-events or challenges in dealing with their debt, such as collections calls or collections activitylegal action, payment demands, court summons, loan arrears and credit defaults resulting in poor credit or repayment history.  Whatever your financial or debt situation is, we are here to listen and provide you with guidance on the options available.

What are my debt options?

Debt Solutions – Australia Wide Debt Help & Guidance

Don’t put off getting help with your debt and financial issues any longer. With Life After Debt ®, we can help you combine your debt into one affordable payment. If you need debt relief and debt management solutions in Perth or Sydney and anywhere else in Australia, you should contact us today! Together, we’ll get your debt under control and help you find your Life After Debt ®.

Debt management is serious. You need a solution that will provide you with the relief from collection agents, harassing phone calls, demand letters and notices of legal action. We take care of all of that as soon as we are appointed to put your Debt Solution in place. We take over all the contact with your Creditors as the intermediary and will liaise with you to find the best debt management solution. Our experience and knowledge, gained over 60 years of working in the debt management and restructuring sector, is what we will use to help you avoid Bankruptcy and lead you to find your Life After Debt ®.

Poor credit history?

Are you worried about poor credit history? Don’t be. Our debt solutions are aimed at those who are no longer eligible for consolidation lending. In fact, if we believe you may be able to get a debt consolidation loan, we will suggest you contact a lender or broker who can help to make that happen. Poor credit history can certainly cause problems when applying for lending, however, with our debt solutions and expert financial help in Australia it’s not even relevant. If you are unsure of your credit rating, we will help you to get a free copy of your credit file, all as part of our free initial assessment.

We specialise in helping individuals who are struggling with unmanageable levels of personal debt with our tailored debt management solutions. How we help our clients gain debt relief, is by putting their debts into one payment package, which is a compromised agreement with creditors, there is no new loan and there is no interest applied. Once agreed, it simply means you have one affordable payment to contribute towards all unsecured debt. Once your agreement is completed, you are free of those debts forever. Period.

So what are you waiting for?

Need debt advice and financial help in Australia? If you want today to be the day you get your financial debt under control, we are ready to help with our expert debt management solutions. 



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We look at debt solutions to get your debt under control



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Australian Financial Solutions Pty Ltd trading as Life After Debt ®

AFSA RDAA Registration No 1211    |     AFCA Membership No. 77102


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